Pump Bases





Having a pump base makes it easy for you to maintain, move, transfer, and protect your equipment, whether that be a pump and motor combination, or gearbox combination. Process Pump & Seal offers multiple types of bases, custom tailored for your application. We can offer you a base through the multiple manufacturers we represent, or, design and fabricate a base in house that will prove to be a quality, durable product.                                                                                                  

Materials of Construction                                                                                                     

- Ductile Iron                                                                                   

- Stainless

- Hastelloy  

- Polymer Concrete


Our Bases, can be custom designed at competitive prices. We can offer quick release and slide rails making it easy to tighten belts, or adjust and modify the application.


Different Applications: 


- ANSI requirement ( drop-in)

- Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric, and other acids                      

- Manufacturing

- Power Generation   

- General Industry