Penetrating Oils



Process Pump & Seal, Inc. is your local distributor of A.W. Chesterton Company penetrating oils. Chesterton industrial oils include a range of mineral and synthetic-based lubricating products that have been designed for specific industrial applications. These products provide improved equipment reliability and lowest operating cost. Target applications include the lubrication of chains, wire ropes, pneumatics, and plastics.​

Available in aerosol and bulk packaging, and includes a broad range of H1 food grades.​'

Featured Product: A.W. Chesterton 601 Chain Drive Pin & Bushing Lubricant

Chesterton 601 is engineered to penetrate into the pin and bushing. This lubricant typically extends chain life by 3-4x while reducing energy and keeping the chain clean. 601 extends chain and wire rope life and reduces energy. It is Premium-quality oil that penetrates between th​e close clearance of chain drive pin and bushings to provide cr​itical lubrication.​





​Rapid penetration
Extreme pressure additives increase load carrying ability
No dirt and dust build up in chains
No sticky lubricant residues
Corrosion inhibiting properties
Extends chain life 2 to 4 times
Long lasting, non-drying film
NSF Registered H2​


Chain drives for assembly lines
Packaging equipment
Hoist chains and wire ropes
Link and roller assemblies
Forklift trucks
Agricultural machinery
Robotic and automated equipment