Lip Seals



Process Pump & Seal, Inc. offers A.W. Chesterton Company's line of high performance lip seals / radial shaft seals that are ideal for protection of bearings used in pumps, motors, gearboxes, and other rotary equipment. These seals keep operation lubricant in the housing while preventing penetration of external contaminants which would damage the bearings.

Featured Product: Chesterton 30K Advanced Lip Seal










Manufactured from advanced PTFE materials, this high-performance radial shaft seal has proven to outperform conventional rubber-based products under similar conditions.  The Chesterton 30K seal offers excellent fluid compatibility, low friction, and outstanding performance for dynamic sealing applications:

  • Unique filled PTFE materials outperform conventional lip seals
  • Mechanically-formed designs provide optimal sealing force to extend MTBR
  • Made-to-order; manufacturing flexibility without tooling costs



New designs and materials proven to outperform conventional lip seals
High-performance PTFE compounds offer advanced wear and abrasion resistance
Unique design provides lower friction and decreased shaft wear
High-performance lip seals prevent contaminants from entering housing


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