Corrosion Control



Process Pump & Seal, Inc. is your local provider of A.W. Chesterton Company Corrosion Inhibitors and Coatings. We keep plenty of stock on hand; Products engineered to provide short- and long-term protection of plant equipment, floors, and storage units. Available in thin- and thick-film, corrosion-preventing compounds. Selection includes products that provide long-term but removable corrosion protection. These are ideal for parts in shipment and storage.​​​​

Featured Product: A.W. Chesterton 763 Rust Transformer


763 Rust Transformer is a mild, natural, acid-based product that electrochemically transforms rust into a corrosion-inhibiting surface. Chesterton 763 Rust Transformer® ​offers excellent surface-preparation alternative to sand blasting prior to maintenance painting, touch​​​ up, or equipment rehabilitation


​Low viscosity, penetrates into crevices
Reacts with rust to form a protective film
Ideal for maintenance painting surface preparation
Recovers and preserves corroded parts, use under 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard
Cleans up water​



​​Storage tanks
Structural steel, beams, supports
Protects machined parts
Preserves equipment, inventoried parts
​​Auto or truck bodies
Heavy equipment
Transmission line towers
Construction sites