Component Seals



Process Pump & Seal is your local distributor of A.W. Chesterton Co.'s Component Seals. Chesterton advanced rotary seals offer a replaceable, low-cost sealing option, while providing quality and reliability. Designed to fit DIN, ISO, and ANSI-type pumps along with other popular pumps, these rotary seals eliminate pump, shaft sleeve wear and have a self-aligning capability. All wearing parts, seal faces, O-Rings, screws, and springs are easily replaced at low cost. With decades of experience, Chesterton sealing specialists can help your company install these seals optimally for reliable, long-term performance.​​

Why use a Component Seal ?

Component seals are the cost-efficient workhorse of many industrial operations. Unlike cartridge seals, component seals require separate assembly of the rotary and stationary parts on the equipment shaft or shaft sleeve.​​


Featured Product: Chesterton 891 Rotary Inside Single Seal

Chesterton's 891 is a balanced, high-performance component single seal. The 891 can be run against many different stationary seal rings for maximum flexibility in many applications.  It is a non-fretting design that will not damage the shaft sleeve or any metal parts within the seal.​​


Monolithic seal faces​
High-pressure capable
Non-clog, iso​lated springs
Dynamic O-Ring is positioned on a replaceable component surface
Minimized wearing components
Easy to repair with kits



Sizes 16 mm to 200 mm (.75" to 8.00")
Pressure 711 mm (28") Hg Vacuum to 40 bar g (600 psig*)
Temperature –55° C to 300° C  (–67° F to 570° F)
Speed 20 m/s (4000 fpm)