Air Mizer Solutions




Eliminate Product Loss And Decrease Total Cost.Diagram showing how the Inpro/Seal Air Mizer accomodates for radial and axial shaft movement

Mixers and blenders are some of the most critical equipment in the processing industry. Unfortunately, they suffer from product leakage due to ineffective sealing solutions. This leads to increased costs due to product loss and contamination along with housekeeping and safety issues.

Effectively seal your mixer and blender applications with Inpro/Seal® AM (Air Mizer®) Solutions. Unlike traditional packing or other sealing methods, AM Solutions permanent shaft seals require zero periodic maintenance or rebuilds. This unique technology uses small amounts of air, or inert gas, as a barrier around the seal to safeguard against both product loss and contamination for powders, liquids, slurries and bulk solids. The patented design handles extreme conditions including radial and angular shaft movement and shaft runout.



Complete Shaft Seals




The lnpro/Seal Air Mizer is a non-contacting, permanent seal against product loss emissions and contamination.

As air is connected to the seal ... small amounts begin to flow along the inside diameter of the articulating throttle to create positive pressure – ensuring complete protection even in challenging applications.

Unlike traditional seals .... the Air Mizer fully articulates to accommodate shaft deflection, run-out, axial displacement and misalignment.

The Air Mizer can use air, inert gas or water as the sealing medium to provide an effective shaft seal for powders, liquids and bulk solids preventing product waste or contamination.

Custom engineered designs can be split for easy installation.

The Air Mizer is an energy efficient, trouble free, non-wearing permanent seal ... custom engineered for reliable performance in your application.


Patented shaft seal design creates a barrier for powders, liquids and bulk solids. Here’s how…

  • Small amounts of air, or inert gas, create a positive purge against the shaft – permanently sealing against contamination and product loss.


  • Custom engineered for your specific application and operating environment
  • Completely non-contacting, non-wearing
  • Uses minimal air, or inert gas, consumption, energy efficient
  • Accommodates axial shaft movement and misalignment
  • Split designs for ease of installation
  • Multiple designs available to mee the requirements of your application or operating environment
  • Seals for the lifetime of your equipment - no hassle with rebuild kits
  • Performance guarantee
  • Can be installed in conjunction with the AM Control Panel for the simplest and most efficient air system setup