Lubricants - Oils



Process Pump and Seal, Inc. is your local distributor of A.W. Chesterton Industrial lubrication oils.

​Chesterton industrial oils include a range of mineral and synthetic-based lubricating products that have been designed for specific industrial applications. These products provide improved equipment reliability and lowest operating cost. Target applications include the lubrication of chains, wire ropes, pneumatics, and plastics.​

Available in aerosol and bulk packaging, and includes a broad range of H1 food grades.​

Featured Product: A.W. Chesterton 610 Plus Synthetic Lubricating Fluid

Premium quality, 100% synthetic fluid designed to perform better and longer, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. 610 Plus will  not carbonize or form lacquers/varnish at high temperatures. In fact, 610 Plus has excellence solvency to remove old lubricant build-up.


Excellent performance in cold temperatures
No residue build-up, non-carbonizing
Low evaporation rate
Compatiable with 610 Synthetic Lubricating Fluid
Temp range -25°C to 270°C (-13°F to 520°F)
ISO VG Grade: 68



Equipment operating in elevated temperatures; refrigerated areas and in severe environments
High temperature oven chains
Pump bearings
Conveyor roller bearings
Drying and curing ovens
Ceramic, glass and rock wool ovens
Heat treating conveyors
Electric motors
Fans and blower bearings
Plastic extrusion equipment
Textile tenter frames