Air-Operated Positive Displacement Pumps


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Air-operated, positive displacement Pitbull pumps consist simply of a hollow chamber and 2 check valves. Liquid is drawn into the chamber then compressed air discharges the liquid to complete the cycle. This innovative, reliable and rugged design easily moves debris through wide diameter passages without clogging. Where other pumps would fail, this design is compatible with corrosive or explosion-proof environments and handles solids, abrasive particles, and corrosive materials.


Featured Pump: Pitbull Submersible Pump



Conventional industrial sump pumps and submersible pumps require liquid to rise to a high set point before the pump cycles on, allowing solids to settle while the liquid slowly rises. Solids settling out in the sumps results in clogged pumps. The Pitbull pneumatic displacement pump can cycle ‘on’ at a much lower liquid level and/or at low flow rates, so solids do not have time to settle out. The Pitbull Pump will match its cycle rate to the inflow rate, shutting off when the liquid flow stops, without external level controls and without running dry.

In applications for solids or debris handling, centrifugal pumps lose efficiency due to wear in submersible pump applications, and are often problematic with frequent clogging from solids getting lodged in the pump’s inlet or impeller. Because of the Pitbull Pump’s simple design, virtually any kind of liquid and/or solid including debris can flow through its wide-open passages without clogging. The pump cycling action of the Pitbull Pump is naturally declogging, dislodging solids that may be retained in the check valves. Since there are no moving parts or motors, no very little wear occurs. This innovative design easily handles solids, abrasive particles, and corrosive materials. Plus, our all-pneumatic operation eliminates shock hazards and is suitable for explosion-proof pump requirements.