Equipment Repair




From cradle to grave, Process Pump & Seal, Inc. is your complete repair solution provider. Our employees/technicians with a mean average tenure of 18 years are prepared to handle the most demanding of repairs at our state-of-the-art repair and machining center. Process Pump and Seal, Inc. is capable of handling large-capacity equipment. due to a large overhead crane covering the entire spanse of our facility. We service all makes, models, and styles of pumps and seals, as well as other rotating equipment such as agitators, motors, gear boxes and other specific process equipment.


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Types of pumps we repair:

- Single and multistage split-case, horizontal pumps. This include Boiler Feed Pumps.
- End suction centrifugal pumps of all sizes.
- Single and multiple stage vertical pumps and vertical turbine pumps (Large Circulating Water Pumps)
- Inline Pumps
- Vacuum Pumps
- Positive Displacement Pumps (Screw, Progressive Cavity, Gear, Helical, Lobe, Self-priming and much more.
- Gear Boxes
- Fans 
- Fire Pump Certified


PPS Has the Following Capacities:

- A fully integrated and OHSHA approved paint booth equipped with multi part transfer overhead, remote controlled rail for efficiency.
- Container Blast Room w\LED Lights and shields, 6.5cu.ft. Blast Pot, OSHA approved Operator PPE with airflow suit, Dust Collection –Enviromax 6,000CFM capacity, cartridge collector w/Maxi-Pulse jets and EcoClean Pulsing System fully integrated with Intake and Exhaust Plenums
- High Pressure Cleaning Station.
- The Cleaning Station, Paint booth and Blaster are located together for efficiency.
- 3-each 20-ton, fully remote controlled, full span Cranes which can transfer heavy metal from the Shipping and Receiving Warehouse to the Rebuild Facility and back again.
- 1- 5 Ton Crane in the Rebuild Facility for lighter duty transport sharing the 20-ton rail.
- 2-each 15’ long Jib Cranes, rotates the span of 5 workstations.
- Full Drive through
- Large Bay Doors at every end of the facility fully intersecting with full drive through capability.


We are an authorized repair house for ALL brands that we carry, including:

- A.W. Chesterton

- Metso

- Summit

- American Marsh


- Pinnacle-Flo

- Blackmer

​- Other


Process Pump & Seal takes great pride in our equipment repairs, which can be summarized in one word: QUALITY. WE WILL ALWAYS STAND BEHIND OUR WORK. From cradle to grave, our collective, experienced personel make decisions supported by proven data, affinity laws and with expert evaluations and internal communication. The results speak for itself (a less than 1 percent warranty occurance and error rate) resulting in a get it right the first time mind-set. We capture large amounts of data from the start – a plethora of critical measurements, photographs, and technical analysis – all available to the customer at their request. We use this information to then determine the best path forward with our customers, taking into consideration reliability, constant improvement, budgetary needs, and timeline. Once a path forward is determined, we have optimized Kanban workflows in place and solid distributor networks to deliver results - efficiently and quickly.