Process Pump & Seal’s Machining Center is a trifecta of quality, efficiency, and mass manufacturing. It always allows us to keep production going, to competitively manufacture parts when lead times and pricing from OEM is an issue and keeps our warehouse stocked with common parts needed for repairs internally. single piece, multi piece and project ready. Process Pump reverse engineers our own parts, manufactures from raw stock to a high QA/QC standard. Process Pump & Seal has an exception retention program for documents and drawings. Our staff of engineers and machinists will walk you through your needs effortlessly and with precision. Our machine shop speeds up the cradle to grave service repairs by this cost / profit center in house. 

Video: Process Pump & Seal Machining Services

We will work with you to come up with a designed/upgrade solution for constant improvements and run times.

We use AutoCad and Mastercam software which supports our CNC programs homogeneously.

We use top quality VHT (Vertically Hung and Heat Treated), PSQ and many other metal urgies including Nitronic-60 solid, welded or coated materials, CA6NM, CD4MCU, 2205, 416, 410, 420, 300 series and more... Our VHT materials are traceable.

We utilize modern technology and equipment to manufacture Including vertical and horizontal CNC lathes with pretty impressive capacities. We are capable of machining to 2/10ths tolerance and fit.

​Our own Balancing Center is capable of balancing all rotating pieces to an ISO 1940-41 specification, a grade 2.5 or better at 4W/N. 

We follow a three tiered QA/QC process to ensure that the product exceeds the customer’s expectations with fits, finishes, tolerances and surface conditions to specific RMS finishes as well as simply being aesthetically pleasing.


Machining Center Features:


- Garutzpe “Time Master” Manual Lathe- 120” length max travel, 25.000” swing with a 9.250” through hole
- Okuma 1420 CNC Horizontal Lathe- Fully Automated, 48.000” travel, 14.250” swing, Master Cam System Programmable with Auto Cad fully integrated.
- Miltronics Centurion 6, CNC Vertical Mill, Fully Automated, Master Cam System Programmable with Auto Cad fully integrated (X=40.000”, Y=24.000”, Z=24.000”, 20 pocket tool changer)
- Hines Industrial Balancing Machine- ISO 1940-1941 Specification, Grade 2.5 or better, 4W/N
- 36 diameter max, 500 lbs. maximum
- Supermax Model XCM-16VS Manual Vertical Mill (X-36.000” Y-16.000”)
- Allen- Drill Press, 45” table, cooled
- Cincinnati O.D. Grinder 36.000 length” x 18.000” diameter
- Chevalier Surface Table Grinder (10.000” x 20.000”)
- WF Wells Horizontal Saw - 15.000” vertical travel x 15.000” wide cut, cooled
- Haas, SL 30, 17” diameter CNC
- Miltronics, Vertical Mill-VM-20, 30 x 20, 4 Axis table
- 5-ton Crane
- Three Jib Cranes